Services Offered

Susan's Role
Susan's service is that of a whole health consultant. As with any health regiment, whether physical therapist, fitness trainer, dietitian, or physician, part of the task is theirs- part is yours.

Through a functional neurological evaluation, Susan assesses how your brain-body is communicating, highlighting specific areas of the brain (which govern certain reflexes and functions) exhibiting over-taxation or underdevelopment. From this, she develops a regiment of activities designed to stimulate and reorganize your neurological workload. How deliberately you implement your activities will determine the overall effectiveness of the program. That part is up to you!

Your Job
The Neurological Reorganization program is a self-directed regiment of exercises and activities which activate the central nervous system toward reorganization and correcting of disorganized processes. 'Self-directed' refers to the client (or parents of) scheduling and facilitating the actual activities. Through our network of care providers, there may be a facility or coop available in your area to aid in providing both the floor space necessary for completion, or extra supervision. The activities take between 45 and 90 min and should be completed at least 5 days a week.

Since this program is taking the entire mind-body system back through a 'normal' developmental process, there may be times of mental-emotional-physical disorientation. In particular, periods of deep emotional need may be experienced in the reorganization of our deepest (even infantile) safety-trust-affection needs.

On average, clients spend about two years completing a Neurological Reorganization program, depending on a number of individual factors.  Program activities might include floor exercises such as crawling or creeping (which trigger reflexes encoded into our central nervous system), sensory stimulation including tactile, visual, and auditory, vestibular stimulation (activating nerves within the inner ear), and a variety of other techniques.

Initial Evaluation:
Your Initial Evaluation will take between 2½ to 3 hours, beginning with a detailed client history, covering medical history (including accidents, illnesses, hospitalizations, etc.), developmental history (including gestation, delivery, developmental milestones), and presenting problems.  Then neurological function will be tested with a series of simple tasks to assess mobility, tactile perceptions, and reflexes. Finally, the findings and observations will be explained within the context of a normal developmental profile, and a plan presented for an appropriate course of action including training for your home-based program.

Follow-up Evaluation (every 2 mo):
As your brain reorganizes, sensations and perceptions change as your whole system develops a new, more efficient, order. Re-evaluations assess developmental progress and update program activities.

In Home Consultations:
Brief contact by phone or email to solve problems or answer questions is included in the Evaluation fee. If additional support is needed, longer than 15 min or as an on-site visit, Consultation fee applies.

Susan's services average out to about $100 a month for the duration of the program. This is highly affordable because Susan will support you, but you do the work. The individual fees break down as follows:

  • Initial Evaluation: $ 250
  • Follow-up Evaluation: $ 150
  • In Home Consultation: $ 45/hr

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