What is Neurological Reorganization?

Neurological Reorganization is a non-invasive rehabilitation technique, developed in the 1950’s, to address non-progressive neurological dysfunction.  It literally reorganizes the brain (neurological) function back to normal.  This is big news for anyone who has been injured or is affected in a way that limits the brain’s ability to communicate with the body, and do what it is supposed to do. 

Neurological Reorganization uses the reflexes that we all have programmed into our brain (like an instruction manual that we are all born with) to allow it to relearn how to do what it needs to do, by going back and retracing the normal developmental steps that healthy infants and children take as their brain and body develops.
One of the first to map out these normal developmental steps was Dr. Temple Fay, who held the chair of neurosurgery at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia.  Through studies that he conducted, he was able to draw connections between particular parts of the brain and specific activities and abilities.  Fay’s work showed how the brains of healthy infants and children develop as they do specific sequenced activities, and it was hypothesized that these same developmental sequences could help reorganize impaired or damaged brains. 

A team in Philadelphia including Glen Doman, Carl Delacato, and Florence Scott (Susan’s mother) pioneered the work, developing a program repeating these activities with individuals who had lost ability due to brain trauma or injury (injuries other than degenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis or Alzheimer’s).
Working first with adults who had experienced traumatic injuries such as car accidents or strokes, and later with children who had been severely injured at birth (oxygen deprivation, cerebral palsy), the team developed exercises and activities that repeat or replicate the normal developmental activities of infants and children, and found that their clients regained lost abilities as their brains reorganized according to their own built-in instruction manual. All of this can be accomplished without medicines, surgery or any application in or to the body (braces or prosthetics).

Who can benefit?

Neurological Reorganization can benefit anyone with non-progressive neurological dysfunction (that is all of us to one degree or another). Much of what is diagnosed as behavioral or chemical, is really mismanagement within the brain, which oversees ALL bodily regulation. We have seen progress with: Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, bipolar, OCD, schizophrenia, anxiety, attachment disorders, PTSD, learning disabilities, developmental delay, autism spectrum disorders...
Issues relating to central nervous system communication can also be addressed. Victims of stroke, cerebral palsy, or nerve damage, can often regain a significant amount of function by retraining other nerves to pick up the slack. We have seen progress with: Stroke, cerebral palsy, severed or damaged nerves, traumatic brain injury...

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