Do you ever...

  • ask yourself, "what was I thinking?", or "why did I do that that?"
  • struggle with getting 'stuck' emotions, maybe stuck sad or mad?

If these describe you or someone you love, maybe Neurological Reorganization can help. Many believe that you go to the counselor for your emotions, the pastor for the depression, the naturopath for the allergies, and the physician for anemia. It is the brain that regulates ALL of these processes and functions. What happens when the brain itself is misregulated? It sends mixed signals to the rest of the body which acts out in a myriad of visible symptoms. The best/longest lasting results are when the underlying cause is addressed, which alleviates the symptoms.

An Example...
When a 3rd grader has illegible hand writing, what can be done? In school the task at hand is to improve through practice. This is a tedious and frustrating task, for student and teacher. Many times the actual cause of this poor writing is a coordination problem originating in the brain's ability to send and receive signals from the arm and fingers. Repetition and practice of letters and shapes will improve the ability to form those letters and shapes (if the student can endure it).

When the problem is neurological, there are exercises that target and address the part of the brain that is incorrectly instructing the arm. Neurological Reorganization will not only improve the presenting issue of handwriting, but will correct the hundred other functions improperly regulated by that area of the brain. When the brain is ready to accomplish the task of handwriting it will come easily. Before that time, the confused student is trying to do what is asked with their hand, while their brain goes and does something else.

Another Example...

Susan knows what it feels like to have brain - body (or emotions - thoughts) in disagreement. She can help you get back into alignment, or maybe find it for the first time. When in alignment, peace and joy can be found - even the whole articulation of human emotion. What are you waiting for?


What is Neurological Reorganization?

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